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Nano Technology We can compare the current state of soil micro-biology with sky observers in 1930 who claimed that the star Omega Centauri was not one star but a galaxy. As the telescope was developed it was found in the 70’sthat there are 6 million stars in that galaxy and by 1990 the number increased to 10 million. Similarly we have only recently been able to see organisms under 160 000 times magnification, which are small enough to pass through a .22 micron sieve which was supposed to filter out all bacteria! The SBM microbes are so tiny that they can only be see and studied using Nano Technology. Nowadays we all have smart phones which are built using Nano Technology to make microscopic electronic parts.   Sadly – Mankind knows more about what goes on in Outer Space than what goes on Under the Oceans, and even less what goes on in the Soil which supplies our food! However, we have faith that the study of soil biology will advance rapidly in the near future using Nano Technology to verify our empirical findings. The University of Northwest in Potchefstroom is busy with scientific research with funding from the Maize Trust and their findings will be published as soon as they become available.
Scientific Verification